Data in digital form can easily disappear, be permanently and irreversibly lost without any possibility of recovery. This is where the importance of data backup lies..


With this backup service, we offer efficient and straightforward storage of all your data in the most secure location. Data is automatically copied following the highest security standards and is accessible anytime, anywhere. Acronis cloud infrastructure enables recovery of IT systems and applications, as well as retrieval of individual files or folders from any terminal device.

You can have multiple backups, and you can decide how long you want them to persist depending on what suits you best.
In the event of an undesirable situation, thanks to the backup (data storage), the possibility of data restoration is provided in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, there is an option for cloud-to-cloud backup of Microsoft 365 accounts, including emails and attachments from Outlook, as well as all files and folders from OneDrive. Increase your productivity through the automation and integration offered by Acronis Backup software.

Through this service, a comprehensive system scan is performed to protect against potential threats and identify weaknesses in your operating security system, as well as the applications you use on a daily basis.


Unitrends offers a wide range of hardware devices and software applications for creating backups and restoring business data and applications. To meet the complex requirements of modern data centers, Unitrends solutions provide comprehensive protection and instant data recovery from all physical and virtual systems. In addition to backup and disaster recovery, Unitrends also addresses business continuity and cloud-related matters.

Software Solution

With the release of Unitrends Backup 9.0, the manufacturer performs daily backups. The radically simplified user concept combined with a completely revised user interface ensures that even unexperienced users quickly grasp the situation. This ensures rapid and secure protection of customer data. Unitrends Backup is available in five customized versions:

  • Unitrends Free allows free backups on vSphere and Hyper-V up to 1TB, intended for customers with limited data stock.
  • UEB Essentials is available for up to 10 resources (sockets or servers) and provides basic hypervisor-level and file-level backup and recovery capabilities.
  • UEB Standard has no limit on the number of resources and also provides hypervisor-level and file-level backup.
  • UEB Enterprise, in addition to the standard edition, adds protection for business applications such as Exchange, Sharepoint, Oracle databases, etc.
  • UEB Enterprise Plus includes, in addition to the Enterprise version, ReliableDR, which automatically verifies backups for freely defined recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives, thus ensuring system recovery capability at any time.

Hardware Solution

Unitrends hardware devices offer the most suitable hardware and software packages ranging from 2 to 182 TB. Backup and recovery tasks are swiftly completed using SSD disks. The Recovery Assurance feature provides instant system and application recovery in less than 5 minutes. Physical server recovery is performed, and optional ReliableDR is available for automated backup testing against RPOs (Recovery Point Objective) and RTOs (Recovery Time Objective). Unitrends also thinks about the future: With the "Hardware Forever Pledge" option, customers receive the next generation of a specific device for free at regular intervals when choosing 3 or 5 year support options!

Integrated or Standalone: Recovery Assurance through Automated DR Testing

The fastest backup creation won't help you if you need to be certain that a safe database is corrupted and cannot be recreated anymore. However, manual DR testing involves high staffing levels and financial expenses, making it more than just a tiring duty. The solution is called Unitrends ReliableDR. Snapshots are loaded to the replication site and tested for resilience in a sandbox. This creates so-called "certified recovery points" that can be used later. Unlike other solutions, RDR isn't just a simple test of whether a VM can be restarted, users can set parameters under which testing will be conducted. Both RTO and RPO, defined according to requirements, are tested. Once set up, RDR can run as often as the customer wants - effortlessly and with verifiable reports.


Every company aims for success and customer privacy, and a crucial factor for that is data security, as data is a highly valuable asset for every business. Managing, protecting, and storing a large amount of data is a significant task.

Veeam® Backup & Replication ™, as a leading cloud backup solution provider, modernizes data protection and eliminates potential stoppages by combining data protection for backups, replicas, storage snapshots, and Continuous Data Protection (CDP) replicas. It also offers faster and more flexible recovery options, resulting in unprecedented resilience for businesses of any size to achieve their goals.

Veeam provides availability for all cloud, virtual, and physical workloads, enabling fast and reliable backup, recovery, and replication for selected applications and data through a simple management console. Ready-made and customized automation capabilities are offered to address increasingly complex business needs with user-friendly solutions that are easy to use.

Achieve faster application deployment, reduce risk by testing new upgrades and patches before implementation, and gain flexibility for DevOps and DevTest to ensure the security of your applications and data. Data replication enhances your resilience capabilities in case of unexpected disruptions or risks, opening the possibility for shorter recovery times and achieving your business objectives.