Management of security systems

Most organizations recognize the threats they face on the internet and are unsatisfied with the associated risks, but they don't take any action about it. Such inertia ultimately leads to cyber security breaches. The increasing activity and sophistication of cybercrime mean that the urgency to act is now greater than ever before.

Some companies have found an innovative way to address their cyber security needs through external providers of cyber security management services (outsourcing), and you may be surprised when you learn the reasons why. Most companies lack the internal expertise and knowledge required to protect their IT assets from external threats. Cyber security is a specialized field within IT. It requires a broad set of skills and technical requirements, including network security, platform security, application security, and industry-specific compliance. It takes years of experience to assess and prioritize risks and to effectively mitigate them.

Cyber security is a perfect candidate for outsourcing, and here are a few reasons why it can be beneficial for your daily operations:

  • Lead your IT security strategy and operational activities.
  • Assess and report network, server, and application vulnerabilities and propose fixes.
  • Organize and manage policies and procedures to improve security and maintain compliance.
  • Monitor networks and/or hosts for suspicious activities and inform the IT department of events/incidents.


Tenable Network Security's products are designed for vulnerability detection, management, and threat vulnerability assessment. They provide users with continuous visibility and contextual activity insight, both within the network and towards exposed resources, enabling timely actions to safeguard the organization.

By utilizing Tenable's products, companies can prioritize protection and threat detection, and reduce their risk exposure. Proof of Tenable's success lies in its customers, which include Fortune Global 500 companies, the U.S. Department of Defense, and many other companies across various sectors.


Web applications and websites are crucial components of any business today. As the number of websites increases, attackers are also becoming more active in hacking websites and stealing critical business data.

With this threat, it becomes important to include vulnerability scanning of web locations as part of the complete testing cycle.

Acunetix is a web security scanner that offers a comprehensive review of all aspects of an organization's security. It allows you to take control of the security of all your web applications, web services, and APIs to ensure long-term protection. Acunetix's scanning engine is globally recognized and reliable due to its unmatched speed and accuracy.


Bitdefender Enterprise Security antivirus provides next-generation layered security that ranks first in independent tests. It utilizes a unique management platform to reduce the costs of building a reliable environment for all endpoints.

We utilize Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud MSP (Managed Service Providers) Security to deliver efficient and best antivirus protection for your business. By using the cloud version with an agent on the user's computer, you can delegate all virus and threat concerns to us as we manage the antivirus program from our central console.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools enable the resolution of device management and information system security issues by introducing a central administrative console that encompasses all devices used in the business.

MobileIron UEM serves as the foundation for the industry's first security platform focused on mobile devices. With the MobileIron service, organizations can quickly and easily onboard devices and provide them with wireless connectivity to all the necessary applications, settings, and security configurations required to safeguard any iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows 10 endpoint in your digital workplace.


Sophos has been producing antivirus and encryption software for nearly 30 years. Today, Sophos products help secure networks used by 100 million people in 150 countries and 100,000 businesses, including Pixar, Under Armour, Northrop Grumman, Xerox, Ford, Avis, and Toshiba. As the complexity of IT networks grows, Sophos is focused on developing simple and reliable IT security solutions. A proper security strategy must include solutions for networks, servers, and devices - all easily manageable through the cloud.

Sophos hardware UTM device

Unified Threat Management makes security easier. Sophos UTM provides a superb package of network security all in one modular device. It simplifies your IT security without the need for complex management of multiple point solutions. An intuitive interface helps create security risk control policies, providing clear and detailed reports for insights needed to enhance network performance and security.

Sophos UTM software

Sophos UTM 9.4 is one of the first Sophos products to offer advanced next-generation cloud sandboxing technology.
Sandstorm provides a completely new level of protection against ransomware and targeted attack protection, visibility, and threat analysis. The ability to quickly and accurately identify threats will allow you to avoid them before they enter your network.

Sophos RED device

Connect remote offices with easy VPN and Wi-Fi using RED devices.
Sophos SD-RED (Remote Ethernet Device) provides secure remote access to your location. It is the first security gateway that doesn't require technical skills to connect from a remote site. Once installed, it forwards traffic to the UTM for complete security. Sophos UTM also functions as a wireless controller, automatically setting up access points and receiving full UTM protection.

Sophos next-gen firewall

All the next-generation firewall features you need provide complete control over blocking, allowing, shaping, and prioritizing applications. Through deep Layer-7 inspection (next-generation firewall), it ensures accurate application identification and has regular automatic updates. You will also receive feedback on uncategorized applications.


With the advancement of cyber threats, swift detection and mitigation of dangers are essential through continuous monitoring and security analysis. We provide you with the necessary tracking and threat detection capabilities using the Wazuh solution to identify intrusions, threats, and behavioral anomalies.

Wazuh is a free, open-source security monitoring solution designed to help enterprises detect threats, monitor integrity, respond to incidents, and comply with regulations.

Wazuh monitors cloud infrastructure at the API level, allowing it to extract security data from popular cloud service providers.

Penetration testing

Identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities with penetration testing. Penetration testing helps identify organizational and technical security vulnerabilities, which can then be addressed effectively based on recommendations. Organizations aiming to protect their business in a sustainable manner, reduce risks, and ensure information security should certainly conduct qualified penetration tests of their IT infrastructure, systems, applications, products, or network solutions.

System Monitoring

Server monitoring is the process of tracking system server resources such as CPU usage, memory consumption, I/O, network, disk usage, processes, etc. Server monitoring also aids in capacity planning by understanding the utilization of server system resources. Server monitoring software helps automate the server monitoring process. Performance monitoring of servers also assists in identifying other performance-related issues such as resource utilization, application downtime and response time.